Peter J Devlin - about me.

Hi my name is Peter Devlin. Whenever I am out and about I have my camera with me and enjoy taking photographs of the scenes around me.

 My passion for photography started at a young age (to young to remember!!) by mixing my interest in aircraft with visits with my father to to airshows and airports, mind you not usually by his choice! The annual Gaydon airshows in the 1960's being the most memorable.

I have always had a camera nearby to record events. In the early days Instamatic, 110, 36mm film and then primative digital cameras were the latest in technology. It has only been over the last few years where my interest in computers and the purchase of a Canon EOS digital camera has led me into improving my picture taking skills.

I have been lucky to experience the whole spectrum of photography from developing my own prints from negatives, to the ease of modern digital photography.

Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy looking through my pictures.

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